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More options to make cover
more affordable.

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More options to make cover
more affordable.


At the heart of every Health+ policy is exceptional core cover. Our benefit add-ons and policy choices give you the flexibility you need to shape a policy to your exact needs and budget.



With our traditional option you can choose from three hospital lists. Your GP can refer you to any named specialist that can be accessed on your chosen list.


With our guided option, your GP makes an open referral and we carefully select a shortlist of specialists based on your needs.

Guided is a more affordable option than traditional, however, there is no difference in the quality of the core cover.

Whether you choose Health+ traditional or guided you can enhance the core benefits at extra cost by adding any of the following:

Out-patient cover

You can choose to enhance out-patient cover to include specialist fees and diagnostic tests such as X-rays, ECGs and pathology tests.

CT, MRI and PET scans, as well as all treatment and consultations related to diagnosed cancer, are included under core cover. 

Unlimited out-patient diagnostics

If you choose a limit on out-patient cover of either £500 or £1,000 per year, you can upgrade this with unlimited out-patient diagnostics.

This means that out-patient diagnostic tests are covered in full, and only specialist consultation fees are deducted from your  chosen out-patient limit.

Mental health cover

By adding mental health cover you are covered for specialist treatments as an in-patient or day-patient including accommodation and nursing for up to 28 days.

Out-patient consultations and treatment by psychologists and cognitive behavioural therapists are also covered in full.

Therapies cover

With our additional therapies cover, following a GP or specialist referral, you can get access to a physiotherapist, chiropractor, osteopath, acupuncturist, podiatrist, speech therapist, pain clinic or two consultations with a dietician.

Every additional benefit selected will increase your monthly premium.

With Health+ you have a choice of the following excess amounts:


As you’d expect, the lower the excess amount, the higher the premium.

Full medical underwriting

With full medical underwriting, you will need to complete a full medical declaration, including details of the medical history of all family applicants. This means any pre-existing conditions will be excluded unless we agree to accept them.

The advantage of this option is it gives us a complete picture of your health so normally results in more cost-effective premiums.

Standard Moratorium

With Standard Moratorium, you won’t need to provide information about your medical history when you join. For the first two years of membership, we won’t cover any medical conditions you’ve had in the last five years before joining us.

However, as long as there has been a clear two-year period after the start of your policy during which you have been free of symptoms, medication, treatment and advice in connection with that condition, you'll be covered for it in the future.

Continued Moratorium

This option is designed to let you continue the moratorium period that already applies to your existing private medical insurance policy with another provider. You will need to provide a certificate from your previous insurer with the application. You will also need to answer a few questions about recent or planned medical conditions or treatment.

In line with most other insurers, our Continued Moratorium works on a two-year rolling basis, similar to our Standard Moratorium option explained above. The only difference is that the moratorium period will be from the start date of your current policy, not your new policy with The Exeter. This means that pre-existing conditions may be covered by us if you have been free of symptoms, medication, treatment and advice in connection with them for a two-year period. We may also apply additional medical exclusions to your policy.

Continued personal medical exclusions

This option is designed to allow you the opportunity to carry across the personal medical exclusions from your existing policy, where the current policy is on a Full Medical Underwriting or Continued Personal Medical Exclusions basis.

You will need to provide a certificate from your previous insurer with the application and also answer a few questions about recent or planned medical conditions or treatment.

Remember, even if you already have health insurance with another provider, you can apply as a new customer using our Full Medical Underwriting or Standard Moratorium options.

Optional No Claims Discount

With our No Claims Discount, you will earn discounts on your premiums if you stay healthy and don’t claim.

What’s more, each member on the policy has their own No Claims Discount, so a claim by one person will not affect the No Claims Discount of the other people covered by the policy.

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