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Health Insurance

If your client is looking for health insurance, they’ll want the fastest possible diagnosis and the best possible treatment - all at the best possible price.

That’s why we’ve created Health+.

We appreciate that everyone is different. But for all of us, two things in life matter more than anything else – our families and our health. At The Exeter, we’re experts in protecting both.

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When you call The Exeter, you talk to a real person at our UK office - first time, every time.

We provide membership benefits that provide you with valuable reassurance in addition to our core cover.

We’re consistently recognised in the industry for our product and service excellence, winning numerous awards.


Health+ puts you in control by giving you more ways to balance your priorities with your budget, without compromising the quality of your care.

When it comes to your health we never compromise:

The best possible treatment – Unlimited cancer cover included as standard, unlimited in-patient & day-patient treatment, unlimited out-patient surgery, CT, MRI or PET scans and more.

The lowest possible premium – Three hospital bands providing choices for every budget, a range of excess options, underwriting options and optional no claims discount (new customers only).

And with a name like Health+ you’d expect our policies to offer more than just exceptional health insurance, and you’d be right. 

With HealthWise, our unique range of member benefits, you have access to the fastest possible diagnosis - all accessed through a simple, user-friendly app. HealthWise provides specialist support for psychological conditions and physiotherapy, helping you manage your health without needing to pay an excess. HealthWise also gives you a GP on demand, instant prescriptions and 2nd medical opinions. For more information see the Member Benefits page.

If you have one of our health insurance plans that is no longer offered for new business and would like more information, please contact us using the details below.


Health Cover for Me

No one likes paying for services they don’t need, so with Health+ you have a choice of excess amounts and hospital lists, a choice of how you’re underwritten, and you can decide whether you want a no claims discount or not. Options all designed to let you get the balance right between your needs and your budget.

Cancer is a worry for many people, so we take it seriously. Every policyholder gets access to the latest cancer drugs and treatments, including all clinically approved drugs even if they are not available on the NHS on the grounds of cost.

Whatever your diagnosis, our cover gives you access to a network of over 350 hospitals, so you’ll always be in the best possible hands.

Key Benefits

  • Unlimited in-patient, day-patient and out-patient surgery treatment
  • Unlimited cover for cancer – including access to all clinically approved drugs as well as pioneering treatments such as biological and hormone therapy
  • Mental health support – including cover for in-patient and day-patient treatment of mental health conditions, out-patient specialist consultations and treatment with psychologists, psychotherapists and cognitive behavioural therapists
  • Discounts for families – you can add your partner or children for a reduced price, making cover more affordable
  • A tiered No Claims Discount approach which is scalable according to value of claim, which keeps it fairer for everyone.

For more information, please see our Guide Health Insurance or policy literature below.


Whether you’re new to health insurance or thinking of switching from another insurer, we have the underwriting option that’s right for you.


Each method of underwriting has benefits that may suit you, choosing the right option will depend on your needs and circumstances.

Also, with The Exeter you can be sure that you pay the right premium for the underwriting option you choose. So, as Full Medical Underwriting asks you to complete more questions and allows us to fully assess your personal and medical history before offering you cover, this is normally the most cost-effective option.

Full medical underwriting

If you choose this option, you will need to complete a full medical declaration, including details of the medical history of all family applicants.

Any pre-existing conditions will be excluded unless we agree to accept them.

Standard moratorium

If you choose to apply via a Standard Moratorium, you won’t need to provide information about your medical history when you join. For the first two years of your membership, we won’t cover any medical conditions you’ve had in the last five years before joining us. However, as long as there has been a clear two-year period after the start of your policy during which you have been free of symptoms, medication, treatment and advice in connection with that condition, you’ll be covered for it in the future.

Thinking of Switching?

If you’re thinking of switching your cover from another insurer, there are two underwriting options:

Thinking of Switching

Continued moratorium

This option is designed to let you continue the moratorium period that already applies to your existing private medical insurance policy with another provider. You will need to provide a certificate from your previous insurer with your application.

You will also need to answer a few questions about recent or planned medical conditions or treatment.

In line with most other insurers, our Continued Moratorium works on a two-year rolling basis, similar to our Standard Moratorium option explained in the Underwriting section. The only difference is that the moratorium period will be from the start date of your current policy, not your new policy with The Exeter.

This means that pre-existing conditions may be covered by us if you have been free of symptoms, medication, treatment and advice in connection with them for a two-year period.

Continued personal medical exclusions

This option is designed to allow you the opportunity to carry across the personal medical exclusions from your existing policy, where your current policy is on a Full Medical Underwriting or Continued Personal Medical Exclusions basis. You will need to provide a certificate from your previous insurer with your application.

You will also need to answer a few questions about recent or planned medical conditions or treatment.

Remember, even if you already have health insurance with another provider, you can apply as a new customer using our Full Medical Underwriting or Standard Moratorium options.

Member Benefits

HealthWise - the smart way to take care of yourself

As a member of The Exeter, you and your family have access to HealthWise, our member benefits service.

HealthWise is designed to help keep you healthy and happy every day. It offers quick and convenient medical advice and treatments that can be accessed from anywhere in the world through our HealthWise app on your smartphone or tablet.

What’s more, HealthWise can be used without the need to claim on your policy, using HealthWise will never affect your premiums or any No Claims Discount.

Member Benefits

To find out more information on HealthWise, visit our Member Benefits page.