Cash Plan


Cash plans help your corporate clients deliver valuable workplace benefits to their employees.

With more and more employers looking to manage their employee benefits costs, but also offer a compelling package that helps recruit and retain their staff, cash plans offer a great solution. Cash plans offer cover that their employees really value, but at a cost which many employers are happy to pay.

For companies

Our One Fund plan provides cover for companies who want their staff to benefit from valuable cover against healthcare costs.

Tailor to your needs

The One Fund plan has 7 premium levels and can either be company paid or employee paid.

Existing policyholders

All One Fund customers are now able to claim online using our simple new portal, available by clicking here.

One Fund – for companies

One Fund

One Fund is our innovative cash plan designed for companies. It is a different approach to cash plan design, giving each individual covered the flexibility to tailor their own plan to their individual needs, putting them in control.

One Fund is available in company paid and employee paid variants, giving firms the ability to tailor their benefit provision to their needs.

Benefits of Cash Plans for Companies

Your corporate clients will be only too aware that the health and happiness of their staff can have a huge impact on business success. So, if they can give their workforce a way to help budget for and manage the costs of their healthcare, it can only be a good thing.

Some of the benefits to businesses of including a cash plan within their employee benefits package include:

  • Improved staff morale and company culture
  • Earlier and better absence management
  • Enhanced benefits package to help attract new staff
  • Help manage the cost of group private medical insurance schemes by covering some of the smaller claims that could otherwise increase PMI premiums.

How One Fund works

Each employee has access to an annual pot of money. When they receive a treatment covered by the policy, they simply send the receipt to us (within 3 months) to claim some or all of the costs back – the exact amount will depend on the plan limits and any excess that applies.

Any valid claims will be paid direct to the chosen bank account within 3 working days.

You can provide the One Fund as an employee benefit, as a key part of your support to your employees. Alternatively you can give them access to the scheme for them to pay their premiums by Direct Debit or via your payroll.

Does cover extend to family members?

Yes, each employee has the option to add partners for the cost of an equivalent premium on the employee paid policy, and you can also cover partners should you wish on the company paid scheme.

Children can also be added to cover and share the adult’s cover allowance, although they aren’t covered for health screening or counselling.

Benefit categories

There are 7 categories of benefit, each of which is subject to limits:

  • Dental
    Most NHS and private non-cosmetic dental treatment.
  • Optical
    Eye tests, prescription glasses and contact lenses.
  • Consultations & diagnostics
    Investigative tests and diagnostic care.
  • Health screening
    Including full health screens, well man and well woman screens recommended by a GP.
  • Counselling
    Face to face sessions with trained counsellors, plus a 24-hour counselling telephone helpline.
  • Complementary therapies
    Physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture and homeopathy.
  • PMI excess cover
    Payment of a plan holder’s private medical insurance excess.

Cover levels

Cover starts from just £11 per month and is available in 7 levels – the higher the premium, the higher the total fund will be.

The premium paid each month will be calculated from the number of plans, multiplied by the individual premiums which apply at the time. Any partners must be covered at the same premium level as the employee who pays for their plan.

Premiums can be paid on behalf of employees, or employers can provide it as an optional benefit – where the employee pays for their own cover.

Company paid - for five or more employees

Employee paid


The £50 excess only applies to the dental and optical benefit categories and is applied once per plan per year on each of these benefits – but it doesn’t apply to eye tests.

Once the excess is paid, further benefit can be claimed without any further reduction.

Making a claim

One Fund

As a One Fund customer you can make a claim online using our simple portal or by sending a claim form to us via post.

With both methods there are just 3 steps to making a claim:

Claim online

Step 1

Pay for your treatment and keep your receipt(s).

Step 2

Login to the claim portal by Clicking Here with your reference number to hand and simply attach a picture or scan of your receipt(s). All claims should be submitted within three months of the treatment date.

Step 3

The money will be paid directly into your bank account (less any applicable excess), usually within three days of the claim being received.

Claim by post

Step 1

Pay for your treatment and keep your receipt(s).

Step 2

Send your completed claim form and original receipt(s) to:
The Exeter, Jewry House, Jewry Street, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 8RZ

To save on postage you may wish to hold on to receipts that are equal to or below the excess amount on optical and dental. You can send these with your next claim. All claims should be submitted within three months of the treatment date.
Step 3

The money will be paid directly into your bank account (less any applicable excess), usually within three days of the claim being received.

If you wish to claim for the counselling or advice helpline please contact 0300 123 3256 or for the appropriate next steps. We’re open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Please download the relevant claim form from the table below:

Product Document
One Fund Company Paid Download PDF Document One Fund Company Paid - claim form
One Fund Employee Paid Download PDF Document One Fund Employee Paid - claim form

Member Benefits

HealthWise – keeping your clients healthy

As a member of The Exeter, your clients and their families have access to HealthWise, our member benefits service.

HealthWise is designed to help keep them healthy and happy every day. It offers quick and convenient medical advice and treatments that can be accessed from anywhere in the world through our HealthWise app on either a smartphone or tablet.

What’s more, HealthWise can be used without the need to claim on their policy, using HealthWise will never affect your clients premiums or any No Claims Discount.

Member Benefits

To find out more information on HealthWise, visit our Member Benefits page.