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Looking for life cover for a client with type 2 diabetes or a high BMI?

we can manage that.

we can <span class="border-underline border-underline--yellow">manage</span> that.

Managed Life is specialist cover for people who suffer from type 2 diabetes or a high BMI that gives them the opportunity to reduce their premiums if they get healthier.

We ask clients to provide evidence of their condition each year and if it improves, premiums may reduce and if it worsens premiums may increase. Simple but fair.

Cover summary and underwriting approach
Managed Life is designed to provide clients with type 2 diabetes or a high BMI fast and fair premiums.
Everything you’d expect from life cover

It pays out if the policyholder dies or if they are diagnosed with a terminal illness where life expectancy is less than 12 months within the term of the policy.

Available to UK residents

Managed Life is available to customers resident in the UK for the last three years, aged between 18 to 69 inclusive.

Instant quotes online where possible

In cases that involve type 2 diabetes or obesity, we give you an online quote in an instant.

Referrals on more complex cases

For more complex conditions we’re geared up to underwrite on a case by case basis. It’s the best way to go giving us the best chance of providing affordable cover, quickly and efficiently.

Cover amounts to accommodate everyone’s needs

The minimum amount of benefit is £20,000 and the maximum is £3,000,000 subject to individual consideration.

Two types of cover

Clients can choose between level or decreasing cover. With level cover, the benefit amount will remain the same through the term of the policy. With decreasing cover, the benefit amount will reduce each month in the same way as the outstanding amount on a repayment mortgage with an interest rate of 8% per year.

Choose how long the cover lasts

The cover can last for any number of years between 5 and 50. However, the policy must end before your clients reach their 90th birthday.

Increase or decrease cover at any time

Life has a habit of changing. So, if your client needs to increase or reduce their cover, they can request it at any time. Any change will impact the monthly premium.

Accidental Death Benefit provided whilst we consider the application

If your client is under 55 years of age and dies due to an accident whilst we are considering their application, we will pay the sum assured requested on the application to a maximum of £250,000. This cover stops once your client’s policy starts or we postpone, reject or decline the application.

The guidelines below show the type of information we require to underwrite your clients for the most common conditions:
Alcohol Abuse/Dependency

  • Is it ongoing?
  • Current liver function test results?
  • Is client working full-time?
  • Any complications or co-existing conditions (e.g. heart/mental health problems)?

Atrial Fibrillation/ Arrhythmias

  • Any symptoms currently?
  • Treatment past and present?
  • Any underlying problems?
  • Any complications (e.g. blood clots in the lungs, strokes)?

Cancer (including Hodgkin’s Disease, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and the Leukaemias)

  • What type?
  • Staging/grading?
  • Treatment and the date it was completed?
  • Any spread from the original site?


  • What type (e.g. dilated or congestive, restrictive, hypertrophic)
  • Any symptoms currently?
  • Treatment past and present?
  • Any complications (e.g. heart failure)?

Diabetes (Type 1 and 2)

  • Date of diagnosis?
  • Most recent HbA1c? Type 1 or type 2?
  • Any diabetic complications (e.g. diabetic coma, retinopathy, kidney problems, neuropathy i.e. loss of sensation in feet etc.)?
  • Any other medical conditions?

Heart Attack

  • Date(s)?
  • Any ongoing symptoms (e.g. angina)?
  • Treatment (including stenting, coronary artery bypass grafting)?

HIV Positive

  • Date found to be positive?
  • Current CD4 count?
  • Current viral load?
  • Treatment (e.g. HAART)?
  • Details of any infections including dates.
  • We are unable to offer terms if your client has AIDS.

Mental Illness

  • What type (e.g. anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder)?
  • Treatment past and present (including in-patient treatment)?
  • How many suicide attempts, if any, and dates?
Multiple Sclerosis

  • What type (e.g. relapsing remitting, secondary progressive, primary progressive, progressive relapsing)?
  • Date of diagnosis?
  • Date of last relapse?
  • How many relapses per year?
  • Current symptoms, if any?
  • Severity of symptoms (e.g. are any mobility aids required for walking)?
  • Any complications (e.g. bowel/bladder problems, depression)?


  • Current height and weight?
  • Any co-existing health issues?
  • We are unable to offer terms if your client has a BMI over 48.


  • Date(s)?
  • Treatment past and present?
  • Severity of any residual physical/mental problems?
Our automatic medical limits
If your client chooses a sum assured above the limits in the table for their age, we will require further medical evidence to support their application.

Plus all Managed Life
members also get access to:

The free members app that provides quick and convenient medical advice and treatments through smartphone or tablet and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

  • Remote GP appointments
  • Second medical opinion
  • Registered dietitian consultations
  • Lifestyle and nutrition consultations
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