7 Families

7 Families was a charity led campaign aimed at raising public awareness of the financial impact of long-term illness or disability.

Proud to support 7 Families

Launched in 2014, it provided valuable support to seven real families facing financial difficulties as a result of illness, disability or injury. Each family was given an income protection benefit for a year along with access to the valuable support services which are included under the cover.

We believe that income protection is the best way to protect clients against the impact of long-term illness. That’s why we were proud to offer our support to the campaign and are delighted to see the campaign revisited in 2020.

Proud to support 7 Families

Meet the 7 families

Meet the 7 families and see the journey they have been on.

Find out how financial support has helped the 7 families.

This video focuses on the mental health benefits of income protection.

This short film looks at the important role of a case manager.

The Income Protection Task Force

The Income Protection Task Force

The 7 Families campaign was launched by The Income Protection Task Force, a financial services focus group which aims to raise awareness of the important role of income protection insurance. To find out more about the families, visit the 7 Families website.