We put people
before profit.

Big insurance companies have returns to make for their shareholders.
At The Exeter, we don’t. We’re a mutual society – which means the only people we need to please are our customers. So we re-invest profits in better customer service, more affordable premiums and quicker, fairer payment of claims.


We’re on
your side.

We always set out the terms of our polices in black and white.
In the rare event a claim falls into a grey area, that might see other insurers shaking their heads – we pay out. Like you, our reputation means everything to us. Knowing we pay out means everything to our customers.


We’re always right
on the money.

With any financial product, you want to know you’re getting a good deal.
At The Exeter, we regularly benchmark all our products against the market, checking our benefits and our price. So you are guaranteed to get quality cover at a fair price.


We do more to cover
more people.

We don’t pick and choose the people we cover based on computer algorithms or sweet-spot demographics. We consider every application on its merits – so we’ll often say yes, when others say no.


We give you more
control and more

The combination of our core cover, optional benefit add-ons and policy choices make it easy for you to create a policy that fits your needs and pocket - without compromising the quality of their cover.


No excessive penalties
for claims.

We don’t think anyone should ever be in two minds about claiming.
So we take a scalable approach to No Claims Discounts. It means any increase in premium after a claim is always proportionate to the value of the claim – that’s fair on everyone.


We take care
of you.

We have real people on-hand to answer calls when you need to talk to us. What’s more, they sit a stone’s throw from our management team. So if an issue needs escalating we can take care of it there and then.

Simply brighter health insurance.

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